1-on1- Exercise Sessions

1-on-1 Exercise Sessions

1-on-1 Exercise Sessions

At Evolve Physio we want your exercise and training to be safe, effective and fun! Whatever your goals are, whether you’re getting back into exercise after time off or injury, whether you’re  looking to enhance your performance in your chosen sport or if you just want to improve your health and fitness  – an exercise session with our physiotherapist will get you off to a great start!

As physiotherapists we can design programs for all your needs including weight loss, injury rehab, spinal stability, improved mobility, strength and general fitness.  We do this by combining our knowledge of injury prevention with our passion of movement and function and create sessions that challenge you, keep you safe and get you to your goals.


Benefits of seeing a physio for exercise and rehabilitation sessions

  • Realistic goal setting sessions
  • Program design that addresses your individual strengths and weaknesses in order to improve your movement patterns;
  • Movement assessments and re-assessments performed before, during and at the end of program to ensure proper progressions;
  • Reduced risk of injury with training

Want to find out more about 1-on-1 exercise sessions?

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