Active Physiotherapy vs Passive Physiotherapy

What’s the difference between Active Physio   I recently read an article, by Human 2.0 (Canada), about the difference between passive and active physiotherapy. This inspired me to write something to help educate people on what we do at Evolve Physio and why we think it is the gold standard of physio! Firstly, What is the […]

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Keep Fit and Active with our SPRING SPECIAL!!


        SPRING INTO HEALTH!! To help our regular and new clients stay fit and active during the spring and summer months we are offering a Spring Special! Until December 1st we will be taking $24 off* all treatments at Evolve Physio.  We want to encourage everyone to maintain their best level of […]

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Get rid of Knee Pain with Goblet Squats

Squats can improve your knee pain Goblet squats are a great way to improve your squat pattern before loading it up with a barbell. If you are having trouble getting the depth you require before your knees collapse in or if you are having trouble maintaining your stability before your back starts rounding then this […]

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Hollow body holds for improving core stability

How to do Improve your Core Stability with Hollow Body Holds Do you want a simple and effective way to improve your core stability? Well Hollow Body holds will do just that!  They are also a great exercise to help improve your deep abdominal activation and help reduce low back pain. Hollow body holds are […]

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Reduce low back pain with this simple exercise

Want to know how to reduce low back pain? A very simple exercise known as Cross Crawls is highly effective at reducing low back pain.  A Cross-crawl can be done sitting, lying down, or standing making it very versatile in helping people of all abilities.  The Standing cross-crawls are a great exercise for activating hip […]

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Evolve Physio Mansfield

Evolve Physio is Moving to Mansfield! Hello Evolvers! As some of you know we are moving our clinic after almost a decade to Mansfield.  We are excited to be under the Integr8 Fit gym and to use the space to better fill the needs of our clients! Things to know: We are at CANNON HILL until […]

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